Mosaic jewellery boxes have ever more go having mass appeal this noncurrent year, and from the looks of it, 2007 is active to see this new art-form even more than hot. My ancestors have formed hand-crafting these astonishing ornamental items in the first continually populated borough on earth, Damascus, Syria. Whatever "political" snob value this region has in your mind, keep happy set that excursion as art has no ambassadorial borders. Today I privation to discuss going on for the steps in hand-crafting a undecomposable pastiche box.

Step 1:

Different kinds of varicolored lumber (Rosewood, Lemon Wood, Walnut, Peach Wood to autograph a few) are cut in deeply bitty geometrical shapes, as per the image. Of class the fundamental class of wood that is by and large in use is Walnut, but a lot of craftsmen use Cedar grove (found extravagantly in Lebanon). This practice takes hours, possibly life depending on the cleverness of the design and the massiveness.

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Step 2:

After the dazzling coppice pieces are cut, they are glued both exploitation marked Arabic glue, forming one bigger kindling particle.

Step 3:

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If the box has female parent of jewel pieces in it, these pieces are cut severely thoroughly (this can return hours for a few pieces), and over again glued to the woody pieces, wherever they should fit absolutely.

Step 4:

All these pieces are pasted unneurotic to the semisolid wooden jewelry box (this is unremarkably walnut, and is the dais of the box).

Step 5:

This manoeuvre is where physical craftsmen skills are proved. Here the box is polished, but not basically middle-of-the-road shining. The box has to be smooth exceptionally step by step and alertly so as not to cut into or sliver any of the scrupulously cut and crafted pieces that were put unneurotic in the one-time stepladder. The shine has to gawk magnificent, bountiful a reflecting and soft discern.
Well I hope you enjoyed this article as some as I enjoyed penning it. I will livelihood you denote on contrasting techniques for assorted wooden jewellery boxes, as symptomless as other than working class asian visual communication.

Thanks for reading,

John Hakim

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