When the iPod original came out, it was regarded as Apple's maximum saviour, and those relations who did say that were splodge on. The iPod has change state the chromatic dosh cow that all companies try for in a commodity. Bring out any side by side 3rd organization goods and it will be snapped up.

However, is it all that special? Sure it saves you from fetching your information processing system nigh on next to you while you listen in to your fondness MP3s, but so did a takeout MP3 contestant. It looks righteous...so how does that assist performance?

It has video playback! Hmm...I presume I could be mistreated present...however it has been recovered that under 6 million human have actually downloaded thing video related, that is 4% of users, so not a tremendous success.

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The iPod menage is large, and high-priced. The iPod suffle is the cheapest of the lot, still it has small in the way of usable features that build it support out from the MP3 players...also no USB haven. The Nanos do face nice, and exhibit a small scene of your artists album, flowing to see once in your small bag.

So I have devised 5 new ways on how to stylish up your iPod so that it in fact seems similar something worthwhile.

Better iPod # 1.

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Why have 4 GB once you are lone active to hoard numerous hundreds of MP3s, impracticable to perceive on your 1 60 minutes change. Why not use the capability to collect your private work, documents or remaining highly sensitive information? The iPod even so can not be utilised as a overladen clip hardrive, it will crack in a few weeks. Simply mount it in the Finder (turn on Enable Disk Use in the iPod wedge of iTunes preferences, and say inaugurate Mac OS X on it. If you've right realised a titanic installation, use Carbon Copy Cloner to double your OS X means to your iPod...just in cause.

Better iPod # 2.

DJ with your iPod. Set up the best gala list in iTunes, and set it to your iPod. Plug it into the organization amp beside a mini diddly-squat lead, fastening it out of harms way, and after participant away. You should engender up conflicting playlists so that you can provide for polar audiences.

Better iPod # 3.

The iPod calendar. If you use iSync on your Mac to sync your iCal calendars, you will have appointments on the go. You can decide on which iPod calendars you copy, as well as ones you've subscribed to as well as ones you've made yourself. You can't set disorder roll items, but solar day trial photocopy cross-town ok. Go to Extras > calandar to seascape a period of time at a circumstance on your iPod blind. Days beside appointments are marked, and clicking on one will make plain you everything active that meeting.

Better iPod # 4.

Better music encoding. The default encryption of tracks for iTunes is AAC 128kbps. This show business in iTunes and iPod but really microscopic other. Consider increasing the select even of the encoder to 192kbps, commence iTunes' preferences and click importing. If you privation more congenial encoded results, control to MP3 encryption instead. Pick the unbeatable quality, and use 192kbps, and erratic bit charge.

Better iPod # 5.

Accessing the iPod auditory communication files. There is a unsophisticated flyspeck bit of computer code that allows you to accession the tracks (just say you gone astray the originals, conspicuously :)), and it is named Audion (for Mac), which is now single. Launch Audion, attach your iPod and any click on the iPod deity or select your iPods entitle from the iPod card. The listing porthole will programme all the tracks on your iPod. You can draw files in, and you can retarding force items out.

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