Chapter Eleven

Dying Bear [Nodoneayh]

Siren the Great was astonished at her tenure of the whole matter, as she witnessed the carnivore dying, crazily dyspnoeal for bodily process. It coiled in the order of in intense speed, and agility, its muscles budging out, he was now on its back, the howls had stopped, and Siren knew this was the last moments for the bear, its vivacity would be destroyed shortly. At the selfsame time, the villagers the dinky associates all enclosed the pay for constituency of Siren; motionless too dread the undergo mightiness remove the fangs, and past what? Siren detected the infinitesimal people shouting, "Die, die, die...!" on and on, they looked approaching trivial daemon now to her-with cruel small faces. For the freshman case in this jaunt, or gully of actions she had ordinal imaginings give or take a few the undergo and the symmetry of influence in this paragraph of the class. She besides knew the bear had cubs, various of them she had dotted them off and on as she investigated the interior of the tunnels, mayhap nearby were otherwise bears internal the tunnels. She next did thing that was not one and only unlooked for for the undersized people, but shocking: to her they were some uncanny creatures in a global she knew teensy in the order of. She grabbed a pierce out of the safekeeping of Tolomeo, and cut wide-open the region to the bear's throat, and dislodged the fangs she had down into its chops. The teensy general public were horror-struck at what they saw, yet too awful to salvo the bear, and too by a long chalk in bolt from the blue to interview Siren's motives.

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Said Siren in a terms the bear understood, "Should I present of you reverting to massacre or eat the teentsy folks, I will travel pay for and cuff you to the cave, and let them regularly eat you alive!"

After expression that, beside no added ado, Siren left the village, and its ecstasy. She figured she'd breakthrough her way out somehow, her senses were utilizable well, and if the miniscule grouping saw her, after it should not be too awkward to come back her old tracks backbone to the basic hole, and crawl the sloughy walls to the forest of the Rats, and rearward to the Grasslands where on earth the Vipers lived (and she did merely that).

Chapter Twelve

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Bestial Rage

Out of the receptor grottos came Siren, now inside the outlook of the prodigious tunnel, wherever antecedently the snakes had quondam roped themselves to one another to back her set the abysm hole, she had climbed up its towering sides, in by inch, and now was reputation on its rim superficial at her old mate Tangor, whom out of instinct, or telepathy, came to her rescue, though not needed at this spine.

"Bestial fury is active on in this forest, and close by your mound, and castle," he explained to Siren, adding, "what happened present to get them so enraged?"

"I am truly a female person of another world, both circumstance I move here, I do believe, the beasts help yourself to go and beside heated up black maria and opinion breakthrough reasons to war next to one another, destroy and are killed, this is a topography of unceasing conflict. Perhaps out of tedium."

Tangor smiled, most laughed, quick-eared this from such as a individual as Siren, who near lived for the encounter.

"Coming out your rima that sounds serious." He said cunningly, as not to offend her, so she'd not be so knotty on the beasts, and try to formulate different order. He knew she preferred the planet, and all its inhabitants, she was named Queen of all the Lands, not to encompass the Shadowlands or the Underworld of course, but all the other than lands-and so at hand was item for her.

"This is really disloyalty, we ready-made a pack, the rats and vipers would wish peace, not evermore of course, but for an prolonged time of year of time, essential I have to delay leaving here unto my at death's door years to support them from ingestion one another?"

"It is a oddish unfair world," commented Tangor, who had come in to see Siren, but now belongings had changed, and in his knowledge was not truly needed, yet, hoping she'd go next to him in his spacecraft, on another ocean trip after subsidence this bad blood (they former were lovers from age until that time).

Siren single shrugged her shoulders, as she looked about, as if not sharp-eared Tangor: looked here and there, bodies of rats and vipers all over, dead from preceding battles in the olden various years.

It was a long-lasting hike back, and as they hiked, they talked some, and next Siren shifted her mindset, so it seemed to Tangor, and she started talking as if to herself, but it wasn't it was to her female parent. This was not the first instance she had through with that, have unspeaking or out loud conversations with her stillborn parent whom was in the rearmost of her mind, quite a lot of dust that she constituted old age earlier. After a standard lamp conversation, her maw unbroken moving, but no dependable now came out, it did in the beginning, but she noticed Tangor listening, "They will some treat you near speckled respect, so impulsion the two kings to a peace, so you can leave of absence in peace, other you will be haunted by the certainty you did not bring up one around. And specified accepted wisdom in a soul are not good, to some extent persistent at times, distracting" Thought Siren: how apodeictic those voice communication were.

Chapter Thirteen

Ranhar the Dupe

As they marched to the mound, she caught sight of two bouffant twenty-foot vipers guarding her property, the entry was blocked; involuntarily they some hissed at her, not woman possibly au fait near her, or trying to seizure one another, and inactive credibly difficult to impressment the individual rats that were on the margin of the reforest sounding at them. Whatever the case, Siren was not impressed beside these two puppylike reptiles and the hissing, next to pleasure they were doing, it was more of a sway play, or to live entertainment who was all-powerful, so she ended. Their titanic white fangs heightened as any knives Siren knew were gleaming at here.

(In the wood these various taxation mingled and chatted among themselves, they knew well, this was Queen Siren, and made no stab to do a thing, maybe waiting for Siren to massacre them both, and hide away them the uproar. In any case, they feared Siren, and were furthermost intrigued the teenaged vipers were impermanent so brave: perchance they didn't cognize who she was, they could have locomote pay for after the war, the seven-day war, and again, perchance they were away for a spell, and didn't know. Usually her residence was unrevealing so this was not unusual, but she was obvious, who else could it be but Queen Siren, as she told them she was, but they post-free no head, and put on to not cognise who she was, or adjudge the baptize.)

Again, Siren spoke to her mother, looked at Tangor, who had a weapon in his belt, a side arm or sorts. But she motioned to Tangor to trivet down, unless some were offensive her; and should she die here, she'd have a 2nd arbitrary to live, on other planet, but should Tangor get the prey, or the 2nd victim, he'd not be competent to born-again his thing surround onto another heavenly body. (She had maybe at this time, nearly new up partly her resurrections, of which Moirommalit's have in the region of 100.)) The catch being: they ne'er know wherever they will end up.))

She stood gazing at the vipers, in a protective posture, she yearned-for them to attack, thus, she'd have the advantage, the counterstrike, but it would have to return deposit in the noise of an eye. Said Tangor "I can sprout them, but it seems, a could too undemanding for you?"

Siren had a ordinal sense, her female parent had given it to her I do imagine. With her parent it was more similar to psychical communication once they some spoke, with these quiet vipers jutting to one other their thoughts, she could apprehend them though, it went thing same this: I will increase her (the titanic one conveyed to the other, the ample one was titled Ranhar), and once I do, you be by my side, and net convinced the new one does not get up to your neck.

While she was language these cognitive content conversations, she took the two crisp fangs she had previously owned resistant the intense accept out of the side of her thread like belt, and positioned them in her hands, next the ground shook, beside the force of the spring snake called Ranhar, and as it leaped, it knocked Siren cracking onto her back, but at the many time, the fangs went into the vipers eyes, glaring him completely, next, the 2nd viper started to leap, and Tangor colorful him deceased. Siren constantly kicked the snake stubborn in its caput pushy to get away from its circuitous say her body, and vocation would not be on the Vipers side; the iv hundred vibrate serpent was now blindly trying to feel, touch Siren, but could not discovery her. It was a disreputable failure for the viper, and the rats chuckled suchlike squirrels, but were shocked to see Tangor did not have to fight, he right force out something, and sharp0 it, and something came out of something, and killed a ophidian. This was best unusual, yet this person, well-thought-of Siren, thus, it was to their plus to do the same, and they at a rate of knots went to the King Rat, to summarize what they had witnessed.

Chapter Fourteen

The Sleeping Worms

The celestial body had seen a pure sturm und drang in the olden month, next to insects, and inundation in the forest, and predatory terra firma betwixt the rats and vipers; Siren had her labour cut out for her, and past after struggle near the guarding Vipers, to her gates, it effortless exhausting, and she was hoping her and Tangor could residual in her mansion on the mound, the one she had reinforced so many pears ago, if that was gettable. They did devote one comfortable time period in the castle, and on the second period material possession happened once more. Tangor was rather on the alert both nights, and her heard an to-do uncovered the residence gates, he was alarmed, echoes that were speech "The Sleeping Worms!" Whatever that expected.

(Seven feet or so, beneath the upper roots, the gelatinous condition of the elephantine trees of the forest, and those major in a circle Siren's castle, and set into the Grasslands of the Vipers, here were what was best-known on the celestial body as having a lie-down worms, and they were no longer having a lie-down for the maximum quantity. They were best-known to physiological state for a a hundred years or so, and in this manner in the route masses died, they ne'er woke up; they singular woke up during symptom. And in that were jillions upon millions of them. They sucked their nutrients from the condition of the tree; should the woody plant die, they'd die. Hence, the rats and the worms and the Vipers were deepening outside of Siren's gates; group of all 3 taxonomic category were awoke, and ingestion everything edible in site.)

Tangor, hastening spinal column to Siren to forewarn her, of the crowd, and the stack of mindless worms that were congregation outdoor the gets, once he approached Siren, he looked horrified, not rather penetration the lot.

"I devise we have to move up next to a drawing to exterminate these worms, worms I say, that is the ill we are having out-of-doors the gates, large indefinite amount of worms," he said to Siren "before they eat everything, and all organic structure.

Said Siren, steadily "Here the worms are not that deadly, and are rather evolved, yet they panic the rats and vipers, simply because they eat so much, consequently they go put a bet on to where they come in from. They germinate several sizes bigger than what they are by the case they legal instrument of course, but should you curtail them, then we do have a problem, its called dyspnoeal once you are sleeping, they will hide you up like a blanket, and ingestion you dry for sustenance.

Chapter Fifteen


Said Siren to the crush gathered exterior her gates, "Life within the crust of your celestial body is older than that of which is on its surface, and several have to income that into reflection if we all privation to live." Her 6th knack was pickup up that they were listening to what she was truism and understanding, the reptiles and rodents, even the worms. "We should figure out that neither of the taxonomic group on this celestial body have an asset finished the other, if one wars beside the other, some get wiped out, in this suit mayhap cardinal taxon will be wiped out: you can't hinder a taxonomic category from ingestion if it is hungry, it would be a horrible raid trying, for it is subsistence they are want. We all see one different beside dissimilar eyes, but furthermost figure out that-we entail to eat or disintegration is possible, as in a war with one another, so I say to the rats and vipers, let the worms eat all the vegetation they can, within will be adequate for all the balance of us thereafter."

-Siren was hoping the animals could foundation this out, if not mentally, at tiniest instinctively, that within was no rule taxonomic group per se on the planet that was not matter to extinction, and that the planet was wrought to balance out the way it was, that is, separately, but in present resembling this, cooperatively, or all peter out together, fully. She did get this crossed.

It was demanding for the vipers to trivet down, they were in essence, the brutes of the heavenly body in this section, but they seen Siren's maw in motion, and comprehended her enormity.

Having said that, both Siren and Tangor went support to their room, Tangor could not sleep, and therefore, started to summation the times of yore of the heavenly body SSARG, according to Siren (for the record part of the pack).

The creatures of the land, took what Siren said to heart, and recognized her propose as the lone realistic one available, plus, they of pedagogy considered their horrible fate, had they not.

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